Every 2nd Wednesday – if you are able to make it tonight, highly encourage all to attend as many important things will be discussed.  As well, we have one of our members teaching on Natural Medicine, a very important piece of knowledge to have. Bring your friends and family to this meeting. Don’t know where it is – email and ask and we will be happy to let you know where it is!

Reach out if you want to be a part of helping history to take the right path. And remember, you are not alone! There are millions of us out there all fighting for the same thing!

Quotes of the week: “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” and “Warriors confront the evil that most people refuse to acknowledge.”

Remember who you are and what you stand for, and hold the line: We will be victorious. Take all the fear and anger and confusion in you and focus it into a singular point of winning this War of all Wars.  Failure is NOT an option.

See you on the frontlines!